On 25 July Germany 78% Of Its Electricity From Renewables

On Saturday, July 25, Germany set a new national record for renewable energy by meeting 78 percent of the day’s electricity demand with renewables sources, exceeding the previous record of 74 percent set in May of 2014.  Continue reading On 25 July Germany 78% Of Its Electricity From Renewables

The coalition invents facts campaigning against renewables

The Abbott government has resorted to simply making up numbers in its desperate attempts to maintain a scare campaign against proposals to lift Australia’s renewable energy target and take bolder action on climate change.  On Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott claimed Labor’s 50 per cent renewable energy target would cost $60 billion – a number an advisor later admitted had been found in The Australian, which in turn had quoted consultants ACIL Allen, who in turn later admitted it was a “back of the envelope” calculation.  And not a very good one at that.  It assumed that … Continue reading The coalition invents facts campaigning against renewables

Global sea level and temperature at record high in 2014

2014 was another record-breaking year for the climate.
. Global sea levels swelled to a high, and
. the world’s thermometer set a record in 2014

This is from a report by the American Meteorological Society, a compendium of data from 413 researchers in 58 countries, released 16 July 2015

Four independent measures last year found “the highest annual global surface temperatures in at least 135 years of modern record-keeping,” … “The warmth was distributed widely around the globe’s land areas.”

The annual State of the Climate report, compiled by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, found global sea levels reached a record high last year, about 67 millimetres (2.6 inches) above the mean in 1993 when satellite measurements began. There were 91 tropical cyclones in 2014, “well above” the 1981-2010 annual average of 82 storms, according to a statement released with the report.

Europe and Mexico experienced their warmest years on record, Africa had above-average temperatures across most of the continent and Australia had its third-warmest year, scientists said. Eastern North America was the only major region to record below-average temperature for the year.

Sydney Morning Herald: 17 July 2015

State of the Climate Reports

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

2014 hottest year on record globally

Climate Council report
Wil Steffen: 13 January 2015

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Solar Power for Greek Economic Recovery

One of Greece’s many financial challenges relates to its heavy reliance on imported fossil fuels. …  Oil-powered electricity generation currently burdens Greek consumers with 800 million euros each year in oil subsidies and there is no solid plan in place to phase out oil. Continue reading Solar Power for Greek Economic Recovery

Climate change hits wine making

Spend a day at a wine grape growers’ summit and, among many other things, you’re left with no doubt about the reality of climate change.  Spend another day with a savvy grape grower touring the Barossa and you’re left with no doubt about the cost of it and the uncertainty about where it’s heading. Continue reading Climate change hits wine making

Gippsland farmer moves milking due to climate change

It’s such a dramatic change that the circle of life has actually shifted.  Mrs Macdonald [and her dairy farm are] on the frontline of climate change adaption. And she’s proud of what she’s done so far – but she knows she can adapt only so much. Continue reading Gippsland farmer moves milking due to climate change

Carbon emissions accelerating

Coal is the key to all our futures. Rich countries have made some progress in cutting carbon dioxide emissions, largely by shifting away from coal to less-polluting fuels. But the result has been a glut of cheap coal, leading to a coal renaissance that could consign us to a world more than 4 °C warmer. … The French government plans to quietly renege on a climate promise France made last year. It will now continue to subsidise the building of coal-fired power stations in other countries, to save jobs at the French companies that construct them. … Carbon emissions are accelerating. … Without carbon pricing there are serious doubts that we can deal with the renaissance of coal. Continue reading Carbon emissions accelerating

Pope Francis urges action on climate

Nobody, whether atheist or religious, can deny that the Pope’s encyclical on caring for our common home is a big deal. Its immediate importance comes from its potential to influence world leaders and galvanise the developing world ahead of the Paris Climate Conference this year. Moreover, the encyclical positions Francis in conflict with conservative think tanks such as the Heartland Institute, future contenders for the US presidency (five Catholics are expected to challenge for the Republican nomination), and even climate deniers within the Vatican itself.

The Conversation: 19 June 2015

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A dire forecast from a climate seer

A study by James Hansen and 16 colleagues
published in the peer-reviewed journal
Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry.

The study warns that humanity could confront “sea level rise of several meters” before the end of the century unless greenhouse gas emissions are slashed much faster than currently contemplated.  James Hansen, the former NASA scientist whose congressional testimony put global warming on the world’s agenda a quarter-century ago,

Ten feet of sea level rise is well beyond previous estimates.  It would render coastal cities such as New York, London, and Shanghai uninhabitable.  Parts of [our coastal cities] would still be sticking above the water but you couldn’t live there.

Continue reading A dire forecast from a climate seer

Shorten goes for 50% renewables

Labor leader Bill Shorten, in his speech to the ALP National Conference,  appears to have rediscovered his and the party’s climate change mojo – promising an emissions trading scheme, a 50 per cent renewable energy target, and slamming Tony Abbott’s society of “flat Earthers”.

Continue reading Shorten goes for 50% renewables