100% Renewable electricity for South Australia

South Australia should get to 100% renewable electricity by 2030:
Conservation Council of South Australia report: June 2015

South Australia has a real chance to get to 100% renewables in 15 years. However our government has established a Royal Commission to investigate increasing our role in the nuclear fuel cycle. We should continue our clean energy transformation.  We should not be diverted into nuclear energy, with the high costs and risks it entails?

Forget all you thought you knew about renewable energy.  In the last three years, the pace of change has been breathtaking and what was once true is no longer. Here are several Falsehoods:
. Renewables are too expensive without big subsidies WRONG
. We need ‘baseload’ power stations WRONG
. Renewables are not reliable enough WRONG
. A modern economy can’t rely on 100% renewable energy WRONG

SA’s proportion of renewable electricity is already 39%.  This makes SA one of the world leaders in clean, green energy, along with places like Denmark.

At times, SA produces more energy from renewables than any other source.

SA households have embraced rooftop solar with open arms – over one quarter of us have it.  Every renewable energy target and expectation has been beaten time and time again.

The shift to a reliable electricity system with 100% renewables in SA is not only feasible, but also affordable.

Compared with nuclear power, renewable energy is more reliable, much less dangerous, less expensive, emits less life-cycle CO2, offers a wider range of environmental, health and employment benefits, and can be implemented much more rapidly.

SA can lead the world in switching to 100% renewables, and we don’t need to wait for leadership from the Federal Government.  We can do it ourselves.


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