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A Comments from one Reader

“Your climate newsletter is a useful informative summary, straight text that is refreshing to read”.

Well, that’s what one reader wrote.

Here are some of the old newsletters as Word files

The news used to be distributed as an emailed newsletter.
Here are some back issues as Microsoft Word *.doc files.
Most word processing software will read these.



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Now that the newsletter is on this web page, anyone can see it any time.

Never the less you can still subscribe.
I will email people when I have done my monthly postings.

To get these email notifications you can send me an
email to “feedbackreigns at gmail dot com”
saying something like:
“Subscribe: Please let me know when the Safe Climate News is ready”

*** Unsubscribe

To stop  getting these emails, you can just send me an email like:
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*** Your Privacy / Security

I am set up to keep your personal information secure. For example:

  • I will not share your details with others,
  • I pay for effective anti-virus software, and
  • I store the newsletter distribution list apart from my email address book.

If you have questions about this, do contact me.

*** Origins of the Newsletter

A monthly, emailed newsletter was initially produced by Peter Gardner.  This was until he began campaigning, during the 2013 Australian Federal election, as a “Climate Emergency Independent”.


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